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Maximize Your Daily Grind

Goals are typically easy to set, but more challenging to accomplish. Sometimes we need to restrategize our goals to ensure we are completing tasks efficiently. From upgrading our skills to being mindful in our actions, there are multiple ways we can improve our daily grind. The grind we most frequently neglect is the one coming from our kitchen sink. Garbage disposals are a blessing in disguise when it comes to cleaning up dinner and clearing out our refrigerators. It is not until the disposal dies that we realize how dependent we are on having the small machine accomplish our goals in the kitchen.

Typically, garbage disposals have a lifespan of 10-12 years, when used appropriately. To get the most of your garbage disposal’s grind, consider these simple tips for taking care of the system, or when choosing to make an upgrade.

Determine Your Energy Level
The horsepower on a garbage disposal should be decided in consideration of the number of people living in the household. More individuals results in more food waste being processed in the disposal. It is most common for residential kitchens to have ½ horsepower garbage disposals. For larger families of 5-8 people, a ¾ horsepower disposal would be recommended to accommodate the increase of potential waste. Although it is rare, some homes will have 1 horsepower disposals. If your family often prepares large family meals, throws frequent parties, or does catering out of your kitchen, the 1 horsepower may be more to your benefit.

Be Mindful of Your Waste
Although garbage disposals are determined to tackle all of your food waste, they cannot take on everything thrown their way. There are a few things to be mindful of in caring for your disposal. Pouring grease down your drain is not only harmful to the disposal but also to the drain line because after awhile, the grease hardens, backing up the system. Additionally, potato and vegetable peels can cause a minor backup if too many are sent down at once. Their thin, slick nature is more difficult for the machine to grind. Finally, consider how often you are grinding fruit rinds and large pieces of meat. Yes, the disposal is capable of handling these items, but they will wear down the disposal blade more quickly.

Stay Connected
The current setup of your garbage disposal may not be the most efficient for your lifestyle. If it is becoming more difficult to bend down and flip the disposal switch under the sink, maybe it is time to have a switch installed on the counter. Does your house run on a septic system? There are disposals designed specifically to work with your septic system too. Get in-tune with your connections to ensure your next garbage disposal will meet your kitchen goals.

Garbage disposals are designed to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. By being aware of how frequently you use your disposal, and what you are putting down the drain can increase the longevity of the system. Don’t let small blockages stop you from maximizing your daily grind.

Interested in upgrading your current garbage disposal? Set up a call with a technician from our plumbing department. Or, thinking about adding a switch above the sink for your current disposal? Be sure to ask about sending out one of our electricians. Call 248-348-4242.

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