Earth Day Diagram

Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! 

Today we acknowledge the importance of caring for the Earth’s resources in order to maintain its beauty. The celebration of Earth Day may come once a year, but that doesn’t mean our efforts have to too. 

Everyday we use multiple sources of energy to complete routine tasks and to maintain the comfort of our homes.  There are several ways to decrease our energy consumption and improve our ability to conserve. Habits can be changed to conserve our resources, but we can also invest in home products that improve our overall energy efficiency. Energy efficient products may seem costly at a glance, but the long-term savings make the products worth the purchase. 

Ideas for making energy efficient upgrades in your home: 

Earth Day Diagram

The options are endless. May we all make mindful decisions to both conserve and use our energy resources wisely. 

If you are interested in learning more about “green” options, please call our office to speak directly with a department supervisor. 248-348-4242.