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Severe Weather Safety

It Can Pay Off to Be Prepared!

The spring season is in full effect showing signs of wind, rain, and a glimpse of the sun! As we know to be true in Michigan, the severity of the weather can change in a minute. Intense winds can cause power lines to fall, resulting in loss of power. Downpours of rain may overwork sump pumps, leading to possible flooding. And well the sun, it just provides increased amounts of vitamin C, benefitting the health of our immune system.

By being aware of the potential dangerous situations from severe weather, you can take a few precautions to protect the safety of your home and your family.

Strong Winds
In the event of a fallen power line, contact DTE as soon as possible, 800-477-4747.
Stay a minimum of 25 feet away from the fallen line. Even if it did not spark, it may still be live.
Avoid touching anything or anyone who may have been shocked
Secure outside furniture, as well as grills and lawn equipment, in a garage or sheltered area to prevent them from blowing into a window or other personal property.
Schedule seasonal maintenance on generators to help make sure they will operate properly in an emergency situation, like loss of power.
Heavy Rain
Periodically check your sump pump to make sure it is operating properly during heavy periods of rain.
If there is flooding due to a failed pump, call Dan Wood as soon as possible, 248-348-4242.
Book a future appointment for sump pump maintenance, which is recommended by pump manufacturers. Varying water tables may affect the operation of one homeowner’s pump compared to a neighbor’s pump.
If your house has been susceptible to flooding during rainy periods, call Dan Wood for a quote on installing a backup sump pump.
Backup sump pumps are designed to kick on when your primary has failed.
Adjust the time setting on your sprinkler system to make sure you are not over watering your lawn and plants.
Increased Levels of Sun Exposure
Wear your sunscreen!
Protect your face with either a hat or sunglasses when outside.
Maintain social distancing when getting exercise and playing with your family outside.
Preschedule air conditioning maintenance for June to make sure your AC system is operating efficiently.
During times of severe weather it is important to remain calm in the event of an incident, including power loss or flooding. There are professionals available to provide essential services to homeowners facing these situations. Our team can be readily available to address your concerns. Please visit our ‘Specials’ page to apply a discount to your emergency visit.
If you are interested in receiving a free estimate on a whole house generator, back up sump pump, or even a new HVAC system to prepare for the summer months ahead please call our office, or send an email, to receive more information.

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Stay home, stay safe!