Old Detroit Shop

Dan Wood, Then and Now

Over 60 years ago, in 1957, Dan Wood of Dan Wood Plumbing & Heating began his company out of his single-family home. Two years later, in 1959, Dan opened the doors of his shop in Southwest Detroit. At the time, the company specialized in plumbing and heating, repair and installation. Taught by his own father, master plumber Edwin Wood, Dan established his company while raising 6 kids with his late wife, Helen. As one of the few master plumbers in the area, Dan was able to quickly build a name for his company within the Detroit community.

The original Dan Wood storefront displayed hand painted windows, homemade poster boards and a prominent, neon business sign lighting up the small Detroit neighborhood. Pictured below is a photo of the original Dan Wood Plumbing & Heating located on Vernor Highway, in Detroit.

In 1977, Dan’s middle son, Al Wood, joined his father in the family business. As the company’s service area grew, Dan opened a branch of his company in Novi, Michigan, in 1984. Not long after, Al Wood, began taking more responsibility within the company managing the Detroit location. Al, also a master plumber, took full ownership over the company alongside his wife, Denise Wood, in 1997. After closing the doors of the Detroit location in 2004, Alan and Denise continued to develop their customer base in Novi and the surrounding suburbs, which ultimately increased their crew of plumbers and HVAC technicians. Recently, in 2016, the Electrical department was established making Dan Wood a three-trade company, providing comfort throughout the entire home.

A Developing Community 

(Photo: Kimberly P. Mitchell/Detroit Free Press)

Much like Dan Wood Plumbing, Heating, & Electrical has developed overtime, the neighborhoods of Detroit have been making strides too. The above photo shows the building where the original Dan Wood storefront was opened. Dan Wood spent many days plumbing in the apartment units located above his shop off of Vernor Highway; however, the units were recently updated. An article in the Detroit Free Press, written by JC Reindl, shows how the apartments have been revitalized by the current building owner with the assistance of the Southwest Detroit Business Association. The team at Dan Wood is excited about the building’s progress, and will never forget their roots! 

To learn more about the current apartment development visit the Detroit Free Press article written by JC Reindl, “New Detroit apartments for rent for $750? Here’s how that happened

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