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Stay Smart, Stay Safe

he month of May is recognized as Electrical Safety Awareness Month. Homeowners and businesses use multiple electrical sources in daily routines. Most of the time, individuals are so accommodated to their current processes that they neglect safety procedures when working with electrical sources. Bringing awareness to potential safety hazards can remind individuals to pause and think about their actions.

From home maintenance to repairing small electrical devices, our team has prepared a few tips to keep you, your home, and family safe!

#1 – Replace Old Batteries

    Regularly check your smoke detectors for proper operation. At the start of each season, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked to ensure the devices are operational. Changing the batteries a few times a year will also create peace of mind regarding the safety of your home.

#2 – Avoid Outlet Overload

    Electrical strips are designed to handle multiple power sources, but all outlets still have limits. Overloading electrical outlets is a common cause of house fires. Be sure to review the manufacturers recommendations prior to installing a power strip in your home or work space. Too much power is never a good thing!

#3 – Be Mindful When Repairing Devices

    When repairing electrical devices in your home, always disconnect and unplug! If you are going to change a light bulb or make repairs to an electrical device, be sure to turn off the lights or unplug the device from the outlet. Additionally, unplugging power sources when they are not in use reduces the risk of hazards and saves energy.

#4 – Steer Clear of Power Lines

    When performing lawn and home maintenance, be aware of low hanging power lines. Be cautious of power lines in your path when trimming trees, cleaning gutters, or working on outdoor home upgrades. Carrying ladders horizontal can help avoid knocking a power line. If a power line has fallen, stay at least 35 feet away and immediately call your local energy provider or police station.

#5 – Home Improvement Reminders

    Electrical home improvement projects should be completed by professionals. If you decide to make an adjustment on your own, make sure the power is completely off to the circuit. Additionally, refrain from touching any plumbing pipes or gas lines when working with electrical equipment.

The most important safety reminder to remember when working with an electrical source is to call an electrician if you are hesitant, uncomfortable, or the situation exceeds your knowledge. Electricity is a serious matter and when handled improperly can cause harm to yourself and others. Our team of licensed electricians are here to help with fixture replacement, electrical panel upgrades, generator maintenance, rewiring, and more! Call our team for a quote, or to set up your first appointment, 248-348-4242.

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